Thursday, December 1, 2011

Keeping Track of Point & Mile Balances With Award Wallet

With all the airline, hotel, and credit card loyalty programs and frequent promotions out there, many people ask me how I keep track of all of my accounts. Instead of using a spreadsheet or multiple sticky notes (hey, I don't judge sticky notes, I use them for practically everything else), I use a free program called Award Wallet.

Award Wallet tracks your points/miles, organizes by category, shows point/mile expiration dates, and saves your user name and passwords for each account. It is constantly updated and always keeps you on the right track for all of your travel plans. I personally like that you can add multiple users to your account which is great for Kevin and I to plan trips together.

Sign up is free, quick, and easy. Take advantage of the free upgrade coupon for first time users. Use code free-cejiws. I recommend getting starting today start tracking your progress in real time. :)

-x0 Angelina

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