Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Shopping = Done Thanks to American Express Gift Chain

Update: 12/1: The final 3 gifts I was waiting on came through to me this morning. From my JCrew purchase, I received a $15 statement credit towards my next purchase. Admittedly, I was a little ticked off about this because I didn't want to have to make another purchase, but I did manage to find a cute 2 piece bikini for $14.99 ($9.99 for the top, $4.99 for the bottom) so it seemed to work out OK. I guess I could book a beach trip now! Just kidding... or am I? :)

The other 2 gifts were four $10 American Express gift cards from Game Stop & a $20 Game Stop gift card from my other Game Stop gift card purchase. Not too shabby.

Seriously, I am having American Express post overload. Of course I get an email in my inbox today about this "American Express Gift Chain" that I simply could not ignore. In simple terms, American Express is giving "secret rewards" ranging from statement credits, AMEX gift cards, surprise gift cards, membership rewards, etc.

I'll hand it over to MommyPoints who pretty much sums up the entire promotion here in her post.

Not only do I like surprises (or specifically, a gambler's rush), but it didn't hurt to get all of my Christmas shopping done in one hit (well in this case, several $25 transactions, but still, wayyy better than those lines). In my eyes, the "gifts" were stocking stuffers to me. Win Win.

So how did I make out in my haul? Here's what I ordered to use as gifts, and what I got back from AMEX:

$25 Bed, Bath, & Beyond gift card - my gift was a 1 year membership to ShopRunner. Eh, kind of useless for now, but may come handy in the future.
$25 Bed, Bath, & Beyond gift card (this one is for myself to use at Harmon, which is a BBB store).  - my gift was a $15 statement credit.
$25 Game Stop gift card - my gift was (4) $10 American Express gift cards.
$25 Game Stop gift card - my gift was $20 Game Stop gift card.
$25 AMC Movies gift card purchased from - my gift was a $5 statement credit.
$25 Red Lobster gift card purchased from - my gift was a $5 statement credit.
$25 Starbucks gift card purchased from - my gift was a $5 statement credit.
$25 Outback gift card purchased from - my gift was a $5 statement credit.
$25 JCrew gift card - my gift was a $15 statement credit off of a future order.
$25 Walmart gift card - my gift was a $5 statement credit.

If you added correctly, you can see my "haul" cost me $250, but I did not have to spend any money on shipping or have to deal with lines in crowded stores. Literally everyone I could even think of is taken care of this holiday season. I apologize to my family & friends who read my posts, there is no surprise for you this year. Oops!

So how did I do in summary? A 1 year membership to ShopRunner, $40 in AMEX Statement credits, a free summer bikini from JCrew, $20 Game Stop gift card, and $40 in AMEX gift cards.

Intangibly, I got my gambling fix taken care of, saving me a trip to AC... you get the point.

-x0 Angelina


  1. wow i wish i would have found out about this sooner. do you think all of the good prizes are taken? great post

  2. Hey Angelina - I didn't realize you could buy gift cards to other stores/restaurants from Great idea!

  3. @John B. I think the gifts are distributed by retailer and distributed randomly. However, some have said that Walmart purchases have been generating $2 statement credits meaning that they might have reached their gift quota. Keep us posted with your gifts!

    & bqkai: Thank ya! I'm so glad they had that option because I had so many people to knock off my list... the gift card variety surely helped :)

  4. bought the gift card and received 10 statement credit on 1..