Monday, December 5, 2011

Round Two In Our Quest For 50,000 More Club Carlson Points

As I mentioned in an earlier post about the 50,000 Club Carlson points for staying a night at a Radisson hotel, my Freehold, NJ stay and 50,000 bonus were successfully credited. Now, it was time to get another  night in with Kevin's account before the end of the year so he could also have the 50,000 bonus points for us to use in some of our upcoming travel.

Radisson was having a 30% off sale for select dates in December and January. I did notice that the Piscataway, NJ Radisson was participating in that promotion so we were able to snag a room at the rate of $70.20. I also booked it through (I'll get a small referral bonus if you sign up) again which offers 5% cash back (hey it's not much, but when you're counting pennies, every bit helps).

Believe it or not, my parents are also catching on to this promotion, and coincidently, they will be at the same hotel, on the same night, doing the mattress run as well. For those who don't know what a mattress run is, it is used in the same context as an airline mileage run, but in this case instead of flying for miles, you are staying at hotels solely for the points/promotional benefits to be received from that stay.

What I am most excited about is for us to experience the benefits of being a Silver Club Carlson member. Kevin and I both took advantage of the Marriott Rewards 90-Day Gold Challenge, and with a simple email to Club Carlson showing a screen capture of our Marriott Gold Status, they immediately upgraded our status to silver. I'm hoping for a complimentary room upgrade!

What other hotel brands have you matched status with? I'm interesting in hearing about the experiences of others when it comes to hotel status matching.

-x0 Angelina

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