Monday, December 5, 2011

1,000 Bonus American Airlines Miles With AAdvantage Dining Program

I am a self-declared foodie; I actually can not think of a single food I do not like (besides hotdogs, pickles, just to name a few...). And with that said, I am guilty for dining out almost every day for at least one meal. Good thing I found out about dining programs because they are certainly an easy way for one to earn miles.

As of now I've registered with U.S. Airway's Dividends Miles Dining and American Airline's AAdvantage Dining Program. It is as simple as registering your credit card with each program (however do note that you can't have the same card(s) registered for both so pick the program that suits you best if you only have one card), and completing a short review after each dine. 

The programs generally pay 3 points per dollar spent at a participating restaurant, and the best part is tax and tip are also eligible for mileage earnings. The program automatically tracks your dines when you pay with your registered credit card, and within 48-72 hours after dining at a participating restaurant, you'll receive an email asking to complete your dining experience survey.

American Airline's AAdvantage Dining actually has a great promotion for new members. They are offering 1,000 bonus miles after completing your first dine over $30 before December 19, 2011. I actually caught my first dine by surprise and was delighted to see that a recent cooking class Kevin & I did last week at our favorite Italian restaurant was a part of the program thus earning me 450 miles ($150 spent) and 1,000 bonus miles. I loved the thought of waking up to 1,450 free miles! :)

Does anyone else know about anymore dining programs that allow you to earn points and miles? Feel free to share.

-x0 Angelina

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  1. joined the priority club dining for 1000 points after $30 spend.