Thursday, December 22, 2011

All Hits Finally Posted For The US Airways Grand Slam Promotion

Wow! The US Airways Grand Slam promotion seems like it was a century ago, but it sure felt great to log-in this morning and see the final bonuses credited to our accounts!

Between September 14-Novemeber 14 2011, US Airways had their annual "Grand Slam" promotion where you could earn "hits" by participating in various US Airways & partner offers. Those who participate each year are on a mission to get the most bang for their buck by tackling this promotion strategically. It's addicting and loads of fun, I'll tell you.

Personally, I jumped on the bandwagon for this promotion on November 1(right after the inspirational Chicago seminars!), leaving me only 2 solid weeks to get my hits in. I knew I didn't have enough time to go for the home run of 110,000 free bonus miles, but I certainly still wanted to participate.

I decided that for my first time around, I'd go for 12 hits for me, and 4 hits for Kevin (which he had no idea I was even doing until he saw +3000 miles in his Dividends Miles account).

Having never flew US Airways before, I had a 0 balance in my account at the start. I'll summarize my hits/miles/cost:

  1. Share Miles: Since I had a 0 balance, my dad shared 1,000 miles with me using and we split the ~$40 transaction fee. We both got a hit from this transactions. Cost: $20
  2. Swap Miles: I believe exchanged 50 AA miles for 10 US Airways Miles to receive a hit. Cost: $0
  3. Audience Rewards: Answered a few "2 mile" trivia questions for a hit. Cost: $0
  4. Dividend Miles Dining: Joined US Airways' dining program and completed a dine/review at a qualifying restaurant, which happened to be a restaurant I frequent often. (also, received 1000 new-member bonus miles from this). Cost: $25
  5. Thanks Again: Purchased a $25 gift card. Cost=$3
  6. Dividend Miles Tool Bar: Completed 3 searches after downloading/using the tool bar. Cost=$0
  7. Super Shuttle: Reserved a shuttle from Phoenix airport terminal to a nearby hotel in the same terminal. I even left the driver a 25 percent tip. In notes section, I wrote, "leave without me" so they wouldn't have to wait and delay other passengers. Cost=~$5.50
  8. E-Miles: Joined, completed some surveys, and transferred 500 miles into my Dividends Miles account.
  9. Biscoff Gourmet Snacks: Sent a "Thank You" gift to a casting director for getting me a nice gig. This hit now counts as a tax-deductible business expense. Cost: ~$18
  10. DM Shopping Mall: Purchased a $25 giftcard. Cost: $3
  11. Century Insurance: Requested a free quote for Auto Insurance, and received 200 miles for doing so. Cost: $0
  12. Magazines for Miles: Subscribed to Glamour magazine by redeeming 600 miles. Cost: $0
Total miles received at the end of the day: 17,533. I spent about $75 on "normal" every day purchases that I would have made anyway (besides the Super Shuttle/ transaction fee). In my eyes I am very happy with my success with this promotion my first time around. All it takes a bit of focus, organization, and a good game plan.

As for Kevin, his hits were simple, costing $0 which ended up getting him a quick 3,000 mile and a free subscription to Vogue (for me of course, lol). Here's how he did:

  1. Audience Rewards: Answered a few "2 mile" trivia questions for a hit. Cost: $0
  2. Dividend Miles Dining: Joined US Airways' dining program and completed a dine/review at the same qualifying restaurant. (also, received 1000 new-member bonus miles from this). Cost: $25
  3. Dividend Miles Tool Bar: Completed 3 searches after downloading/using the tool bar. Cost=$0
  4. Magazines for Miles: Subscribed to Vogue magazine by redeeming 700 miles. Cost: $0
With the Grand Slam promotion buried for 2011, I am happy to say that I very much look forward to the 2012 version in which Kevin and I will fully participate.

To learn more about the 2011 Grand Slam promotion and rules, please visit:

Have you participated in the Grand Slam this year? If so, share some of your experiences. How did you do? Did all of your "hits" and miles finally post? I'd love to hear about your success.

-x0 Angelina

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