Thursday, December 1, 2011

My $10 Gilt City Purchase for 1,500 United Mileage Plus Miles

Update 12/8: Just saw this update to the "learn more" section of the offer (I'm assuming it's the official terms and conditions): "Initial transaction must meet a $25 minimum product value (exclusive of taxes and/or shipping and handling fees) in order to qualify for the 1,500 bonus mile offer." Apparently the terms were changed on 12/8 around 5pm. I am happy that both of my orders were placed before the change, but I am also worried that the miles won't be honored. Luckily some people took screen shots of this "Learn More" section before and after the terms were modified. 

Personally I do not think $25 for 1,500 United Miles is a good value, so I won’t be making another purchase under the new terms.

First things first, I LOVE Gilt and have been shopping on it for the past couple of years. Hey, a girl's gotta treat her self to guiltless designer duds once in a while.

Gilt recently launched an offer where new members who join using this address:  shall be awarded 1,500 United Mileage Plus miles after completing their first purchase. Since I've been spending like crazy, especially after a dangerous trip to the mall on Black Friday, I decided to keep it tame with this one and strictly go for the mileage bonus.

Since I already have an active account, I joined with another email address of mine and purchased a simple $10 restaurant gift card under Gilt City. There are no shipping charges for dining vouchers. Shout out to Dad for suggesting that one. So hey, at least I have yet ANOTHER NYC date night excuse to look forward to... and of course the miles, duh.

If you don't already have a United Mileage Plus Account, you can quickly create an account by visiting

If you're not ready to go for the mileage bonus, but still want to browse Gilt, allow me to invite you to join. Happy Shopping!

-x0 Angelina


  1. where do you find restaurant vouchers on the website?

  2. @Anon: Thanks for visiting my blog. I found the restaurant vouchers on The first thing you have to do is create an account by visiting linking your united or onepass account. Then what I did was click on the "city" tab up top & selected "new york" (you can also access directly once you log in after creating the account through the united link). On there, I selected "view all dining". Here is the voucher I purchased specifically for $10 For me, I went with this because I am frequently in NYC... however, if you are closer to another major city, it might help to find a restaurant close by that appeals to you if they are offering $10 vouchers elsewhere :) Hope I helped! Do let me know what you end up purchasing :)