Friday, December 23, 2011

The Results: American Express Gift Chain Paper Route

Well all good things must come to an end, and it's a wrap for the American Express Gift Chain promotion. I had a lot of fun with this one... maybe too much fun. I participated by taking advantage of both methods of entry: purchasing & the mail-in method. You can take a look at the gifts I got previously from the purchase method here in my earlier post.

Dedicating an hour or so, I registered AMEX cards belonging to Kevin, Mom, Dad (2), and a dear friend of mine (permission granted of course). Do the math and thats 50 hand-written envelopes, 50 postcards and 50 postage stamps (44 cents x 50 = $22).

Oh, and the agreement was that we'd split the prizes 50/50 which is fair for both parties- free $ and surprise gifts for them & a token for the time/postage cost on my end.

Here's the fun part as the gifts continue to roll in:

  • Shareable $10 American Express Gift Cards. (4) =$40
  • Lenovo: $10 American Express Gift Card
  • Pottery Barn: $100 American Express Gift Card
  • $25 Statement Credit
  • Bed Bath Beyond: 1 Year Shop Runner
  • Nike: $2.25 Statement Credit
  • Game Stop: $20 Game Stop Gift Card
  • Vente Prive: $5 statement credit.
  • RueLaLa: $5 statement credit
  • REI: $2 statement credit
Total summary of gifts: $150 in AMEX gift cards, $39.25 in statement credits, $20 in Game Stop Gift Cards, 1 year membership to Shop Runner. Not bad for a $4.44 cost!

  • RueLaLa: $10 statement credit
  • Pottery Barn: $15 statement credit after shopping at Pottery Barn with minimum $15 purchase
  • J Crew: $20 statement credit
  • American Eagle: $5 statement credit
  • REI: $2 statement credit
  • $5 statement credit
  • Lenovo: 1 Year Shop Runner membership
We are still waiting on Kevin's last 3 gifts to roll in, but we did already make a $15.51 purchase of several cute Christmas ornaments at (free shipping too). After the $15 statement credit posts, our new ornament collection will cost us a grand 51 cents.

I have not received a complete report on what JR & my dad received yet, but from what they tell me, it seems like they got many shareable $2 Dunkin' Donuts cards and $5 statement credits. 

Dad also got a $20 statement credit that will post after a future $20 purchase at Using my free Shop Runner membership, and a 40% off discount code, I was able to score a cute dress and PJ pants for $20.17 shipped. After the statement credit, my purchase will only cost 17 cents. Boom.

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