Friday, February 24, 2012

Officially Live On BoardingArea!

After some technical issues getting my domain to forward to my new BoardingArea hub, it looks like I finally made it with very little bumps in the road and sunny skies ahead!

If you're seeing this page, you'll have to update your bookmarks to, which will redirect you to

For those who are subscribed by email/RSS - I'm working on getting your subscriptions transferred to the new platform so you can receive emails with every update (the good news now is that you'll receive an email  the instant I hit publish so the latest posts will be at your fingertips).

If you are the impatient type like me, feel free to resubscribe on so you don't miss a post between now and then!

As always, we can connect on Facebook and Twitter by using the handy dandy buttons on the right. :)

See you over at BoardingArea!

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