Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Exciting Blog News

I'm excited and honored to announce that Just Another Points Traveler will joining the BoardingArea blog alliance in a few days! I'm not going to lie, I kind of felt like a little kid getting candy when Randy Peterson contacted me with the opportunity, and the best part about being part of the BoardingArea community is that I'll be able to have access to a wider network of information and tips to continue to share with you. Cheers to more points and miles for everyone!

The inspiration behind the blog dates back to when I attended the Chicago seminars in October 2011 with my father and learned an incredible amount of information in such a short amount of time from some of the leading bloggers and experts in the industry. Before that life-changing weekend in Chicago, I knew nothing about the wonderful world of points and miles, and I had a great admiration for all those who shared their stories, tips, and tricks with me.

I take that back; I knew the basics. By "basics", I mean that having my one and only frequent flyer account, my Continental OnePass account, in my mind, made me a savvy traveler. Ha! Little did I know. Now if only I could turn back time to correct the mistakes I've made in the past and apply what I've learned so far (that will be another blog post... and I'm sure you'll laugh and/or cringe at some of my "points"-absentmindedness).

Do be assured that all of my blog posts, stories, and tips will still be genuine and written by me. In fact, even the layout will be the same after the transition. For those of you who are subscribed to the blog by email or RSS, don't worry, you'll still receive all of the updates as you usually do. Those who visit by typing http://www.justanotherpointstraveler.com into your browser, no sweat for you either; the site will automatically redirect.  Less confusion = less worry = happy readers. :)

If you haven't already, do feel free to connect with me on Twitter or Facebook. I love getting to know my readers!

Oh, and stay tuned... I'm in the mood for another contest this week. ;)


  1. Congrats Angelina!!!

    You'll be reaching new people and spreading your great ideas even further - how awesome!!!

  2. Congrats... You've encouraged me to start to learn to better rake advantage of these opportunities... Hoping to make progress...

  3. Ah, that's awesome! Nice work!
    I didn't realize that the conferences last Fall were your first exposure to the... extremities(?) of this hobby! You learn quick then, haha.
    cheers. - David