Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Great Deal Alert: $5 For $10 Tango Card Via Groupon (Can Exchange for Cash!)

[Edit] 2/7/12 3:00 PM EST: Looks like this deal has already sold out.

Now here's a great deal:  You spend $5 on Groupon and you get a $10 Tango Card. You take that Tango Card, and you can exchange it for a $10 gift card at premier retailers such as Amazon, Gap, Pottery Barn, SpaFinder, Target, Groupon and many more. OR, get this, you can exchange it for cash. So, spend $5 on Groupon, and get $10 in cash. Sounds good to me.

Before you think this is a cash machine, there is a limit to how many you can buy. There's a limit of 2 per person, and 2 to give as gifts. However, for those of you who are whizzes at creating new accounts, Groupon does have safeguards in place, and will be backing out orders that appear to be from the same individual - so let's not abuse this one, k?

This deal is live right now, and will run through next Monday, February 13. But, I bet anything it'll sell out before the weekend. Have fun!


  1. wish I saw this earlier. Thanks for posting these kind of deals!

    1. Not a prob! I love these deals too and you can definitely bet I'll share them as I find them :) Only thing that sucks, is that they sell out in a blink of an eye!