Friday, January 13, 2012

Get $25 Credit For Signing Up For HotelTonight iPhone or Android App

Apparently this might be old news for some, but I just found out about HotelTonight, well... tonight, and I was eager to check it out based on the current buzz surrounding it. Having an iPhone, I downloaded the free app by searching for it in the app store and saw that my $25 credit was instantly added to my account after a painless sign-up.

So What is HotelTonight?

* Allows you to book same-day hotel stays with last-minute rates up to 70% off
* 10-second booking once you've set up your account
* Book until 2am - hours after the big travel sites have closed for the night.

Since I just downloaded the app now, I can't say I've used this before to book a room, but after reading some of the reviews, it definitely seems to be a great way to snag a last minute hotel in major cities. While playing around with the app, here are some sample rates I found for tonight:

$24 for a hotel in Atlantic City - hey, you could even cash in your free $25 and just pay the taxes and fees.

$44 for a hotel in Dallas

$69 for a room in Minneapolis

I also did see some great steals for $99 in Midtown NYC and $119 in South Beach. My guess is that prices will vary day to day and probably will get cheaper later at night when hotels are desperate to fill the rooms. Either way, I'll keep this option in mind if I ever am in a position where I'll be needing an impulsive hotel room.

Here's how you can get an instant $25 credit too:

  • Download Hotel Tonight app for iOS or Android. 
  • Use code AAUCELLO when you sign up for an instant $25 credit (yes, it's my referral).

You can also download and sign up from our iPhone/iPad app:

Or, for Android devices:

Enter this invite code on the app for your $25 in credits: aaucello

It's also know that from time to time, HotelTonight does releases bonus promo codes for more free $ credits. I'll keep an eye out and share them below!

1/14/12: MLK5 for $5 credit (available to first 200 people. Worked for me at 10:30 pm EST today)

Has anyone had any experience using HotelTonight? Also, after joining, if you'd like to leave your referral in the comments for others to use, please do!


  1. I swear I already commented on this - must have done something wrong.

    2 questions:

    1) do stays booked through this app earn points? (icing on the cake for most of us reading your blog :)

    2) does the into promo credit expire? If so when? I don't have any hotel stays in the near future, so I'm wondering if a better strategy is to delay signing up if there is an expiration.

  2. thanks! used your referral.

  3. @anon: I contacted hoteltonight about your questions (because I was curious too as well) and this is the response I got:

    Hi Angelina,

    Thanks for contacting HotelTonight Support and thanks for downloading our app! Hotel rooms booked through our app currently do not earn points in hotel loyalty programs. However, feel free to contact us beforehand and we will be happy to contact the property and see if they will honor the specific loyalty program. Currently the new customer promo code does not have an expiration date, however it’s always better to use it sooner rather than later. When you refer friends and family through the invite tab in the app, they will receive a new customer credit of $25. When they book and spend at least $25 in cash (see FAQ for details) you will receive $25 in credit. All this information and more can be found in the FAQ tab in the app. Please contact HotelTonight Support, 24/7 if you have any more questions, concerns or even a great travel story!

    HotelTonight Support

    @alohastephen: Thanks for using the referral!!

  4. Hi Angelina.

    Until I read your post, I hadn't heard about it.

    I have a really early flight in the morning and needed to book a hotel by the airport, so I used the app and the code tonight and got a fantastic rate!

    What an amazing tip. Thanks for posting!!

  5. Thanks for using my referral! Glad it worked out for you :) I look forward to using it when I head to Portland for a mileage run!